Pepper and Parmesan Sourdough Bread

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Craving pasta for dinner? Do you swoon to the fragrance of fresh baked aged Parmesan Cheese? We’ve got you covered with this versatile loaf.

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    While every bite surprises with teeny bits of crushed pepper, the permeating flavor of fresh baked aged (2 years) parmesan cheese blended with the complex subtle flavor of sourdough makes for that awesome bread.


    Dietary Information: Has dairy, No sugar, No oil

    Weight: ~ 500 gms

    How to preserve :

    When you receive the bread, you can store it unsliced in an airtight container (bread box, cling wrap, Zip loc bag, etc.)

    Slice only and when necessary, and only as many as necessary

    There are no added chemicals or preservatives in this bread. When well wrapped, the shelf life of the bread is about 2 days on the counter and 7-10 days in the fridge.

    Sourdough bread can also be frozen. In case you want to freeze the bread, slice the bread entirely, wrap it in cling wrap and then freeze it.

    How to consume :

    If the bread has been refrigerated, then just before consumption, you can slice the bread, warm it on a pan with a little butter (if required)

    Another way is to to “refresh” the (whole/unsliced) bread  – Preheat an OTG to 180 deg C, lightly spray/sprinkle water on the surface of the loaf, and bake it in the oven (until crusty  – may take 8-10 min depending on the oven).

    When you want to consume frozen sourdough slices, thaw only as many slices as you want on a warm pan.

    Dietary Information

    100% Sourdough, Has Diary

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