Parmesan(150 gms)

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A close sibling of the parmigiana reggiano

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    This is no parmigiana reggiano but a close sibling! Aged for over 24 months this has been made following the traditional techniques in wheels of over 5 kilos.

    Type: Aged hard cheese
    Milk: Cow’s milk
    Ingredients: cow milk, salt, cultures, rennet
    Texture: Soft, semi-dry, grainy, crumbly on the palate
    Flavor/ Aroma: nutty, hints of butter


    Cooking – You can grate the Parmesan on many dishes, to give a touch of original flavor to pasta, soups, risottos and velvet soups. Its intriguing and delicate flavor is suitable for both cold and warm dishes.

    Must try: Parmesan, pear/ or figs with balsamic glaze OR Parmesan truffle fries!

    Beverage pairing: The cheese pairs well with dessert wines like Passito or Marsala, as well as with Champagne

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