DIY Fresh Sourdough Whole Wheat Pizza Kit

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Make your fresh Pizza at home – in the Oven/Pan

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    The kit contains a 9″ medium crust Pizza base (which is 95% par baked along with sauce), fresh Mozzarella Cheese (from Vallombrosa), fresh Basil, black Olives and Jalapenos – all the things you need for a perfect Pizza 🙂
    It takes about 5-10 min to safely make fresh hot Pizza ready at your home and can be prepared in either an oven, or on a gas stove + pan.


    • Transfer pizza base to well-oiled pan or oven tray
    • Drizzle Olive Oil / any Veg Oil on pizza base
    • Add Seasoning and Toppings that you prefer
    • If making on a pan – Cover pan with lid and cook 5-10 min on low flame until cheese melts 
    • If making in the oven – Bake in oven 5-10 min until cheese melts at 220 deg

    The DIY Pizza base is made with 24 hour SLOW FERMENTED SOURDOUGH (tasty & healthy) and is FRESH made and baked only by order
    Pizza base and flavorings are absolutely chemicals and preservative-free

    Preservation : Keep DIY Kit contents in the fridge until required

    Shelf Life : 2 days in the Fridge



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