We are obsessed about the quality of our bakes. Take a look at our google reviews and you will know that we simply don’t compromise in on quality. We bake fresh every day to hundreds of very satisfied customers, gated communities and restaurants 

We have an unwavering attention to detail on all aspects of the product- Be it the quality of the ingredients we use, the taste our products have, the eco-friendly food safe packaging, the hygienic delivery system.

The unbleached flours we use are processed using plant based enzymes (not chemicals). We use organically produced ingredients where possible. All our bakes have NO added preservatives, chemicals, improvers and the likes..that are typically a part of all industry mass produced breads available in the market today.

Specifically about breads, Our breads take more than 24 hours to naturally ferment using natural wild yeast thats hunderds of years old, and due to the long fermentation, the bread develops a complex flavor and texture that is unmatched in industry made breads. (psst.. unlike the market breads, our bread doesn’t fall apart when you spread butter on it 😉) Moreover, the simple sugars  in the breads are digested during the fermentation. Therefore its Low GI food and doesn’t give you that sugar “rush” nor does it make you feel bloated when its consumed.  

All in all, you’ll love our passionately baked goodies !!

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