1. How to preserve sourdough bread
When you receive the bread, you can store it unsliced in an air tight container (bread box, cling wrap, Zip loc bag etc). Slice only and when necessary, and only as many as necessary. There are no added chemicals or preservatives in the bakes. When well wrapped, the shelf life of the bread is about 2 days on the counter and 7-10 days in the fridge. Sourdough bread can also be frozen. In case you want to freeze the bread, slice the bread entirely, wrap it in cling wrap and then freeze it.

2. How to consume sourdough bread
If the bread has been refrigerated, then just before consumption, you can slice the bread, warm it on a pan with a little butter (if required). Another way is to to “refresh” the (whole/unsliced) bread  – Preheat an OTG to 180 deg C, lightly spray / sprinkle water on the surface of the loaf, and bake it in the oven (until crusty  – may take 8-10 min depending on the oven). When you want to consume frozen sourdough slices, thaw only as many slices as you want on a warm pan. It can also be frozen. In case you want to freeze the bread, slice the bread entirely, wrap it in cling wrap and then freeze it

To maintain freshness and the best quality possible, we bake only against orders. 

We need a lead time of 24 hours to prepare the items fresh.  

So typically, for bakes to be ready tomorrow post 3 pm, you need to order by today 12 noon(Our cutoff time).

If your order comes post the cutoff time, then we try our best to accommodate it for the requested date, or else, we automatically postpone the delivery date to the next available date. Note : The website accepts the order for the same day. Thats because we may have extra breads due to cancellations etc….. but best would be to pre-order as written above.

In case you need the breads urgently (for the same day), do give us a call / Whatsapp message, we can let you know if we have extra breads.

Note : Our delivery time is always post 6 pm(Tue) and post 5 pm(Wed-Sat) on the chosen delivery date (during checkout).

1. Do we slice the breads before delivery ?
No. There are many reasons. The breads we send are so fresh that sometimes they are still warm when we it goes out. The sourdough bread should have fully cooled before it can be sliced. Since we don’t  add any additives, if we pre-slice before delivery, the bread looses freshness. Ideally, the bread must be sliced just before consumption.. so its the freshest 🙂. Also, the bread trends to get damaged during travel if pre-sliced.

2. Do you have any new flavor ideas / bread ideas / requests / feedback ?
Send us a Whatsapp message @ 7829915151. We will get back to you. 

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