Crackling crusty and warm sourdough bread everytime ?

Also known as “refreshing” your sourdough bread, the below tip helps you enjoy warm sourdough bread everytime you prefer it that way.

Sourdough bread – unlike factory made bread – has a longer shelf life and can be consumed warm and fresh tasting everytime.

Example – If you have some left over sourdough bread from today and want to have it tomorrow, what you can do is just wrap it in a cling wrap (thin plastic wrap) and put it into the fridge. Tomorrow, just unwrap it, and you can consume it in a couple of ways. Preheat an OTG to 180 deg C, lightly spray /sprinkle water on the surface of the loaf, and bake it in the oven (until crusty  – may take 10-15 min depending on the oven). Or else, you can make slices of the loaf, and roast it in a pan, butter both sides of the slice and have it.

It tastes amazing. 🙂

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