Krumb Kraft is our labour of love for all things Sourdough.

From authentic European Breads to rustic sandwich loaves to crunchy biscotti to crispy crackers , our signature bakes are baked and sent fresh everyday to clients that include bread enthusiasts and popular restaurants & cafes. We also bake for communities as a whole (Eg. apartment complexes), while catering to individual palates.

Think of us as your personal artisan bakers.

We use no improvers, preservatives, enhancers, added gluten or any other such additives in our breads.

Krumbkraft, established seven years ago in Bengaluru, is known for its commitment to producing honest Sourdough breads and an array of other handcrafted products. Bela Shah and Nirmal PV, who took over Krumbkraft operations 2 years back, boast over 50 years of collective experience in the hospitality sector. Their goal is to establish Krumbkraft as the go-to destination for Sourdough bread enthusiasts.

Krumbkraft’s bread-making process involves natural fermentation lasting over 24 hours, utilizing wild yeast that has been preserved for centuries. This lengthy fermentation results in bread with a rich, complex flavor and texture, setting it apart from mass-produced alternatives. Importantly, all of Krumbkraft’s products are handmade, free from added chemicals or preservatives, and made fresh daily to ensure optimal quality and freshness.

In addition to their signature Sourdough breads, Krumbkraft offers a diverse range of products, including desserts, cakes, spreads, and more. These include specialty items such as Crackers, Muesli, Bagels, Ciabattas, and French Baguettes. Notably, their Wholewheat and Jaggery loaves have gained popularity among health-conscious consumers seeking nutritious dessert options.


Krumbkraft caters to various dietary preferences, providing vegan options for many of their popular products. While all Sourdough breads are inherently vegan, they also offer vegan alternatives for items like Garlic Cream Cheese Buns and Chocolate Ganache Cake. Additionally, their seasonal Jams and Spreads have garnered acclaim among customers seeking flavorful, plant-based options.

The company’s commitment to quality extends to the sourcing of ingredients, with an emphasis on organic and unprocessed components wherever possible. Their use of unbleached flours processed with plant-based enzymes, as well as the absence of chemical additives, underscores their dedication to wholesome, nutritious offerings.

By prioritizing craftsmanship, freshness, and integrity in their products, Krumbkraft has earned the loyalty of a diverse customer base, including individuals, gated communities, and restaurants throughout Bengaluru. 


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