A Sourdough Journey. Simplified.

Making bread with flour, water, salt, time and love. Yes, its simple as that.

Embark on a bread baking journey of a lifetime with me Chef Samruddhi Nayak, where I demystify and simplify the seemingly complicated topic of sourdough baking.

Learn how to bake tasty, flavorful, gut friendly, healthy sourdough bread for yourself and your family, with these simple ingredients..the traditional way – the way it was done for thousands of years without any chemicals, preservatives or improvers.

The fun-filled, fully hands-on sourdough baking session will be complete with
– Sourdough Basics
– Science and Math behind Sourdough
– Baking with local ingredients
– Making your own sourdough culture
– Maintaining the culture
– Shaping / Scoring / Stencilling
– And lots more….

More importantly, I draw upon years of experience in sourdough baking/teaching and commercial sourdough breads production, to share my knowledge in a down-to-earth-beginner-friendly way, along with important tips to get better results and help avoid pitfalls along the journey.

The journey would not only initiate you into the world of sourdough bread, but also help explore – again hands-on – sourdough crackers, 2 varieties of hybrid  breads (blend of sourdough and commercial yeast), etc.

Post-workshop, I would be available on the other side of a WhatsApp message – for life, to clarify any questions regarding sourdough baking.

Whats more, you would also get an opportunity to ‘graduate’ into a pan-India group of sourdough enthusiasts and professionals 😉

Here are details of some upcoming workshops

Basic Sourdough Workshop

Venue: Krumb Kraft, Bengaluru
Date: TBD (plans have been changed due to the COVID 19 situation)
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Duration: 1 Day
Fees: Rs. 7000
  (Includes lunch and refreshments, printed notes)

Many seats are already pre-booked. So to reserve your seat, send a Whatsapp message to Samruddhi @ 9448745153

Advanced Sourdough Workshop

Details coming soon 🙂

Sourdough Beyond Breads

Details coming soon 🙂

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on the Insta handle @Krumbkraft


For any clarifications call / Whatsapp Samruddhi @9448745153

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