• 5 star review  excellent class on everyday breads. Samruddhi's knowledge on the subject is way beyond expectation. I'm definitely going back for more!

    Ruchi Sood Khetan Avatar Ruchi Sood Khetan

    5 star review  Attended Sourdough making session last week with Samruddhi. It was a fun and a very interactive class. I loved the fact that you took the time and patience to ensure we all understood the technicalities of the process. Thank you and best of luck!!

    Ginny Mann Avatar Ginny Mann
  • 5 star review  I got the privilege to learn from Samruddhi, it was an awesome experience, must say she's an amazing teacher with abundance of knowledge and great patience... love it to the core

    Resmi Menon Avatar Resmi Menon

    5 star review  I had an amazing experience laerning sour dough from you Samruddhi. My perspective of making and consuming breads positively changed from regular breads.thank you Sam for your patience and looking forward to learn more and bake more�love you.

    Seema Mehta Avatar Seema Mehta
  • 5 star review  The fear of baking breads and sourdough just goes off....such is the teaching of samruddhi, very happy and privileged to be taught under you. ....Thanks samruddhi

    Rashmi Praveen Avatar Rashmi Praveen

    5 star review  Samruddhi is an excellent patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher. Sourdough was always a passion but it seemed soo difficult and complicated. Samruddhi patiently takes you through the whole process and leaves you confident to handle it on your own. Also a very fun and happy experience. Besides she continues her support by adding you to a group of sourdough bakers soo that your queries and doubts can be handled after the class too. Great ongoing support. If it's Sourdough you are looking for you will be more than happy with her classes. All the best Samruddhi! !

    Chandini Sethi-Shah Avatar Chandini Sethi-Shah
  • 5 star review  I attended a basic sour dough class at Krumbkraft. I am very happy with techniques and steps taught in handling the sourdough. Though it is simple yet understanding the science behind it is important. Samruddhi is informative and patiently clears all the doubts and helps her students gain confidence in exploring the world of sourdough breads confidently. Post class she is fully engaged with her students and always responds to guiding them. It was fun and lots of laughter. Wish you many more accolades and success Samruddhi!!!

    Swethaprajwala Raja Avatar Swethaprajwala Raja

    5 star review  It was an awesome experience and a great learning from an experienced teacher. Making a sourdough was like a nightmare for me and now i feel so excited .Already made 2 boule and my own starter. It was all possible only because of you Samrudhi. Thanks to you.

    Vandana Mary Avatar Vandana Mary
  • 5 star review  I took Samruddhi's Sourdough class after a friend recommended it, and I'm glad I did. She is a very patient teacher and tries to get the basic concepts of sourdough baking clear. And it doesn't end there! She is helpful and will answer all your queries whenever you ask her. Thanks for the support and encouragement, Samruddhi!

    Shilpa Bhargav Avatar Shilpa Bhargav

    5 star review  I always wanted to learn Sourdough Breads and when Samruddhi the master baker planned a workshop in Delhi I just couldn't stop myself. All I can say it's the best learning experience ever. She is impeccable and understands Sourdough Breads inside out. Its not just her knowledge which makes her great but the little hacks she shares with you which makes the sourdough bread making experience ecstatic. The after class support system is something which makes you want to do more. I owe this to you Sam. You are the best! Thankyou Guruji <3

    Anshu Wadhwa Pande Avatar Anshu Wadhwa Pande
  • 5 star review  I never knew learning from krumkraft will give me so much addiction towards sourdough.......sam tought us so much so easily n with so much patience that everything seemed like a piece of cake...baking was my passion always but sourdough baking added a lot of dimension to my love for oven ...class was so much fun so much talking countless queries n questions...n again learnt everything like a child's play...what craziness it was thanks thanks thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us sam�

    Hina Malikkapoor Avatar Hina Malikkapoor

    5 star review  Samruddhi's Sourdough class was an enriching and an enjoyable one. She is so patient and willing to explain even the silliest of doubts I had. I read a lot about sourdoughs before signing up for her class but only attending her class gave me the confidence to put it into action. We actually baked our own boules, learned various techniques. Her knowledge on the topic just amazes me.. Would recommend her classes highly...

    Sunita Srinivasan Avatar Sunita Srinivasan
  • 5 star review  Superb place...would love to learn everything from u samruddhi

    Priyanka Singhal Agarwal Avatar Priyanka Singhal Agarwal

    5 star review  Had tried my hand at baking SD breads but just could not get it to work. I heard of Samruddhi's class in Pune only after it was over so had to wait patiently till the next one came along. Sure enough it was the best learning I have done in some time. Hats of to Samruddhi she knows her stuff and is very patient with her students going through every details to make you understand the art involved in making a perfect SD bread. Since the class I have been completely hooked on to SD breads and have not looked back. Its been a couple of months and Samruddhi's support and constant encouragement is really opening up various possibilities of making some fine bread.

    Pradyumna Gogte Avatar Pradyumna Gogte
  • 5 star review  Sam is a knowledge bank. Learning from her is a blessing. Thanks for inspiring me to take a new journey of bread making. I loved every bit of everyday breads and sour dough bread workshop.

    Abha Jain Avatar Abha Jain

    5 star review  Awesome class!! Would love to go back for more classes...

    Shruthi Hl Avatar Shruthi Hl
  • 5 star review  Awesome class today... thank you so much Samruddhi.. ''twas a pleasure attending your class today... your knowledge, explanations, attention to details, patience is totally appreciated. Best of all was tasting the amazing breads. ��

    Vanessa Banduni Avatar Vanessa Banduni

    5 star review  Attended Sam's sour dough bread class and since then not bought bread from store.. mainly because don't think can digest that after tasting... learning and making such delicious bread at home. My family loved it.. my father got so nostalgic having the bread as it reminded him of the taste he used to have almost 60 years back when he was growing up.. kudos to you Sam for bringing health and taste both combined beautifully together back into our lives... Thanks a lot for all your patience during the class.. making me specially practice again and again till I got it right.. answering all our questions and ofcourse for all the learning. It was a fun class.. wish you more success.

    Ujjwala Patel Avatar Ujjwala Patel
  • 5 star review  Awesome classes! Amazing tips and tricks.. Will definitely go back to learn more!! Thanks so much Samruddhi!

    Divya Venkatesh Avatar Divya Venkatesh

    4 star review  Samruddhi is a wonderful teacher. And her class really helped me understand some of the basics in bread baking. Thank you so much for you knowledge and laughter we shared in your class:)

    Niksha Bhide Avatar Niksha Bhide

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