• 5 star review  Got to know about Krumbkraft thru a friend and attended their workshop on basic Sourdough bread baking, must say this workshop has taken my love for baking to all new level. Thanks to Samruddhi who is a such an awesome trainer. Would recommend her workshops to all the baking enthusiastic.

    Manasa Bharadwaj V Avatar Manasa Bharadwaj V

    5 star review  I did the sourdough class at KrumbKraft and must say it was a complete professional learning experience of all sorts and has me confident in working through sourdough breads... And what a teacher we have in Samruddhi!!! Patient, relentlessly willing to explain every doubt we have and picking our brains once in a while so that we stay sharp� The after course support from her is priceless! Yes, I would definitely recommend KrumbKraft to anyone who wants to learn the art of baking the right way...

    Surya Raghunathan Avatar Surya Raghunathan
  • 5 star review  Had a fun day of learning Daily Breads with Samruddhi. Everything was precise, easy to understand and also bread was great to eat too. It's a perfect class to learn the basics . Loved it. �

    ReVa IyEr Avatar ReVa IyEr

    5 star review  Sourbread dough was in my to do list from long. Happened to taste Samrudhi's bread and fallen in love with it. When I joined her Sour bread workshop I was amazed with her in-depth knowledge and transparency in sharing the same. This was what I was looking for science of bread not just recipe. Love you Sam for introducing me to this mischievous Sourbread dough.

    Deepali Sawant Avatar Deepali Sawant
  • 5 star review  Sam is the perfect teacher: patient, eloquent and extremely knowledgeable about her subject. Her passion is infectious. She is ever ready to help with our endless doubts. But more than that, she has taken the initiative and literally started the sourdough revolution in India!! Personally I'm not a bread person, but sourdough has changed me! Sourdough has now become a part of our life. My family loves it, and all the more because of its health factor. Thanks so much for bringing sourdough into our lives, Sam!! �

    Lubna Gafoor Avatar Lubna Gafoor

    5 star review  Awesome classes! Amazing tips and tricks.. Will definitely go back to learn more!! Thanks so much Samruddhi!

    Divya Venkatesh Avatar Divya Venkatesh
  • 4 star review  Samruddhi is a wonderful teacher. And her class really helped me understand some of the basics in bread baking. Thank you so much for you knowledge and laughter we shared in your class:)

    Niksha Bhide Avatar Niksha Bhide

    5 star review  Sams sourdough class was one of the finest I have attended.A class packed with an indepth knowledge on breads, but at the same time simplified so that even an amateur can grasp it.Her love and passion for breads is pretty evident and it trickles down to every student.An important attribute to any teacher is her patience and her willingness to give it her all...sam is definitely one such teacher.���Wishing you all the very best sam for all your future endeavours and thanks a ton for a funfilled class�

    Shwetha Shetty Avatar Shwetha Shetty
  • 5 star review  Finally got to a sourdough class, and one that has me completely addicted. Hands on, fun, satisfying, great learning experience... and of course dangerously addictive! Post Sam's class, life has never been the same. I hop between boules and crackers, dreaming of how the next bread will be. Thank you so much Sam. ���

    Deeba Rajpal Avatar Deeba Rajpal

    5 star review  Samruddhi Bhatt, you are not only a fabulous teacher but an awesome person. The way you teach a complicated bread step by step is amazing. You don't hold anything back and the knowledge you imparted during the 8hrs class was immense. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a healthy bread which tastes heavenly!

    Pooja Panday Avatar Pooja Panday
  • 5 star review  Sam you are an amazing teacher. You taught not only how to bake sourdough bread, crackers but also the theory behind bread baking which was very important. Thank you Sam for so much love and knowledge that you shared with us and also clearing our silliest doubts. Would love to attend more classes in near future.

    Sakshi Pandita Avatar Sakshi Pandita

    5 star review  Samruddhi is fantastic teacher and a powerhouse of knowledge! Anybody who wants to step into this intimidating world of Sourdough should take a session with her!

    Arati Mirji Avatar Arati Mirji
  • 5 star review  My love for bread eventually led me to learn of KrumbKraft and Samruddhi. When I heard of Samruddhi conducting a class in basic sourdough bread, I instantly signed up. The experience made me develop a new found respect for the art of baking bread and have fun while at it. In Samruddhi I found a patient teacher willing to let one catch up at their own pace with so many baking tips and tricks up her sleeve. I think her passion for sourdough has rubbed off on me and I can't wait to eventually excel at baking my own sourdough bread. Thank you Sam for making my maiden foray into baking bread so thoroughly enjoyable.

    Sneha Jayagopal Avatar Sneha Jayagopal

    5 star review  What an awesome workshop in Delhi with Samruddhi.. From telling minor details about sourdough, percentages, formulas, to baking sourdough crackers and our own sourdough bread, it was a great learning experience !! Thank you Sam for such a fun class

    Aditi Gupta Avatar Aditi Gupta
  • 5 star review  I ordered my daughter's third birthday cake here. Samrudhi made a very cute cake with bheem and chutki. My daughter's favorite cartoon character! My daughter loved the cake very much and everyone at the party loved it. Thanks whisk and whip!

    Vidya Sethuraman Avatar Vidya Sethuraman

    5 star review  Sam is a knowledge bank. Learning from her is a blessing. Thanks for inspiring me to take a new journey of bread making. I loved every bit of everyday breads and sour dough bread workshop.

    Abha Jain Avatar Abha Jain
  • 5 star review  I just attended Samruddhi's sourdough bread baking class and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to make breads using wild yeast. Samruddhi's style of teaching is clear, concise, and really easy to understand and follow. Her instructions are detailed and she spends time with each student patiently answering questions and offering advice.

    Richa Gupta Avatar Richa Gupta

    5 star review  I had an amazing experience laerning sour dough from you Samruddhi. My perspective of making and consuming breads positively changed from regular breads.thank you Sam for your patience and looking forward to learn more and bake more�love you.

    Seema Mehta Avatar Seema Mehta
  • 5 star review  Recently attended Samruddhi's sourdough class. What an amazing experience. She explains each & every concept so well that u grasp it easily. I am in love with sourdough. Thank u Samruddhi.

    Rashmi Aggarwal Avatar Rashmi Aggarwal

    5 star review  Review from my daughter Varsha who attended a class: I enjoyed the “Everyday Breads” class very much and came away inspired. Sam enthusiastically took us through all the details and also answered my countless questions with patience. I especially appreciated her efforts to accommodate the needs of my vegan family - she gave me tips to convert all the recipes into vegan ones. I hope to one day attend the sourdough class as well. Thank you Samruddhi for a great learning experience!

    Nirmala Rao Avatar Nirmala Rao

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