• 5 star review  Samrudhhi is an awesome teacher. Very patient and explains everything. Her hand-holding goes beyond the class itself and she is always available to help. I have gotten the confidence to bake my sourdough breads from the get go and I owe it to her. Thanks Samruddhi!

    thumb Sujatha Narasimhan

    5 star review  Good place to learn about BAKING.... She is dedicated and makes you to learn the art in a splendid way. Please continue the good work !!!! All the best , Looking for future classes

    thumb Aarthi Magesh
  • 5 star review  Attended Sourdough making session last week with Samruddhi. It was a fun and a very interactive class. I loved the fact that you took the time and patience to ensure we all understood the technicalities of the process. Thank you and best of luck!!

    thumb Ginny Mann

    5 star review  Sammrudhi is the best teacher any one can ask for. So patiently she answers all the queries and during the workshop explained every process in detail. I can now bake my own sourdough bread!!!! �

    thumb Vijayata Mann Bhalla
  • 5 star review  Who says sourdough baking classes have to be boring with all the science and math in it. Couldn't have spent my weekend in a better way. Samruddhi is so flawless with her knowledge and she so lovingly and patiently shared it with us. I am so glad, that I kept aside everything to attend this class with her and other fellow bakers. Got all my doubts cleared, all the nuances so well explained, this sourdough baking is now gonna be a part of my baking routine. Thank you Sam for so much love and knowledge that you shared with us.

    thumb Nasima Singh

    4 star review  If you wish to take your love for making breads at home from scratch to a sophisticated level, KrumbKraft is the place to go..Two things that make Samruddhi a brilliant teacher is 1.Make do with whatever is available - A very down to earth approach and making use of whatever ingredients and equipment are available around us, to create the most stunning breads. Little tricks here and there, how to go about if you don't have a dutch oven, a bakers' stone etc 2. Extended Support - Its not over and out after the workshop, she makes an effort to handhold you through the experience of creating your own breads after the class too. I had a lovely sourdough session at her place and wish her all the best for all her endeavours.

    thumb Priya Arora
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi flew down to Mumbai to hold our sourdough class... What a generous and patient teacher. She answered so many questions, shared recipes, tested our understanding of her teaching along the way... The class left me confident that I can explore the world of sourdough. And that I have a support whom I can turn to if I get stuck ... Thank you Samruddhi!!

    thumb Shilpa Bharatan

    4 star review  Samruddhi is a wonderful teacher. And her class really helped me understand some of the basics in bread baking. Thank you so much for you knowledge and laughter we shared in your class:)

    thumb Niksha Bhide
  • 5 star review  Before you begin to teach someone, you must be in love with your craft and know the science and math and logic behind it. Happy to have attended a #krumbkraft module by Samruddhi , and return with a perfect loaf and a San Francisco starter... and the priceless skill that she helped me acquire... so now SourDough breads will be part of my repretoire too. ��� And had an amazing day with fellow bread enthusiasts. My only crib...the long drive ,from rural south bombay to the ultra hip suburbs in Malad�����

    thumb Shalini Digvijay

    5 star review  Awesome class.

    thumb Jyothi Prasad
  • 5 star review  Superb place...would love to learn everything from u samruddhi

    thumb Priyanka Singhal Agarwal

    5 star review  Having read and heard a lot about sourdough and seeing some amazing loafs I always wondered if I could come even close to replicating some of them. Now 2 months since I took the Sourdough class with Samruddhi I am not only confident I can bake great loafs but couple to times even managed to come close to perfection. Samruddhi is a strict but patient teacher who never gets tired to answering your questions. The concept of after class support group is fantastic, where you not only get to clarify your doubts but also learn new things from fellow bakers. Great going Samruddhi… All the Best!

    thumb Samidha Gabhane
  • 5 star review  The absolute best place to go if you want to learn the art of baking bread. I went in as a complete novice who had a very basic idea of how to handle bread doughs and I've come out so much more confident and knowledgeable. I attended both the Breads around the world and Sourdough workshops----Samruddhi, you're the nicest and most patient teacher and you made everything feel so easy!

    thumb Urvashi Shivnani

    5 star review  Got an opportunity to learn the basics of bread making from the 'Queen of breads' Samruddhi herself. It was a great learning experience. Made the bread making seem so easy and fun with her clear instructions. Samruddhi was so eager and open in sharing her tips and tricks also. Can't wait to make a loaf of bread on my own.

    thumb Shenaz Gangardiwala
  • 5 star review  Amazing place to head to fall in love with cooking !! Samruddhi has soooooo much of experience and passion for cooking that she will make you get things right :). All the learning sessions are very well planned. Overall a lovely place and i am glad i found this 🙂 !!!

    thumb Parinitha Kashyap

    5 star review  Review from my daughter Varsha who attended a class: I enjoyed the “Everyday Breads” class very much and came away inspired. Sam enthusiastically took us through all the details and also answered my countless questions with patience. I especially appreciated her efforts to accommodate the needs of my vegan family - she gave me tips to convert all the recipes into vegan ones. I hope to one day attend the sourdough class as well. Thank you Samruddhi for a great learning experience!

    thumb Nirmala Rao
  • 5 star review  Awesome class today... thank you so much Samruddhi.. ''twas a pleasure attending your class today... your knowledge, explanations, attention to details, patience is totally appreciated. Best of all was tasting the amazing breads. ��

    thumb Vanessa Banduni

    5 star review  Samruddhi has a rich experience and I appreciate her dedication towards baking. The class was very interactive.. and I took back home more than what I had come to learn..

    thumb Reema Prakash
  • 5 star review  It was an awesome experience and a great learning from an experienced teacher. Making a sourdough was like a nightmare for me and now i feel so excited .Already made 2 boule and my own starter. It was all possible only because of you Samrudhi. Thanks to you.

    thumb Vandana Mary

    5 star review  Had tried my hand at baking SD breads but just could not get it to work. I heard of Samruddhi's class in Pune only after it was over so had to wait patiently till the next one came along. Sure enough it was the best learning I have done in some time. Hats of to Samruddhi she knows her stuff and is very patient with her students going through every details to make you understand the art involved in making a perfect SD bread. Since the class I have been completely hooked on to SD breads and have not looked back. Its been a couple of months and Samruddhi's support and constant encouragement is really opening up various possibilities of making some fine bread.

    thumb Pradyumna Gogte

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