• 5 star review  Review from my daughter Varsha who attended a class: I enjoyed the “Everyday Breads” class very much and came away inspired. Sam enthusiastically took us through all the details and also answered my countless questions with patience. I especially appreciated her efforts to accommodate the needs of my vegan family - she gave me tips to convert all the recipes into vegan ones. I hope to one day attend the sourdough class as well. Thank you Samruddhi for a great learning experience!

    thumb Nirmala Rao

    5 star review  Awesome class!! Would love to go back for more classes...

    thumb Shruthi Hl
  • 5 star review  Finally got to a sourdough class, and one that has me completely addicted. Hands on, fun, satisfying, great learning experience... and of course dangerously addictive! Post Sam's class, life has never been the same. I hop between boules and crackers, dreaming of how the next bread will be. Thank you so much Sam. ���

    thumb Deeba Rajpal

    5 star review  I have been baking breads for a long time now but sourdough was left unexplored. I had been following Samruddhi and krumbkraft and had fallen in love with her sourdough breads�. And what could have been better than learning it from the master herself. It's a dream come true... She explained the concept so precisely, step by step, didn't left a patch for mistakes to happen.... And there I had in my hands...a very first, beautiful sourdough loaf made by myself independently �� I am very happy with my myself and this is the confidence Samruddhi put in me. Samruddhi, you are The Best...��... And the best thing is that..she is always there...for us to make perfect sourdough loaves. Thanks so much Samruddhi....���

    thumb Shalini Bali Bakshi
  • 5 star review  If someone wants to learn the art of making a perfect SOURDOUGH then Krumbkraft is the best place....

    thumb Shama Arun

    5 star review  Who says sourdough baking classes have to be boring with all the science and math in it. Couldn't have spent my weekend in a better way. Samruddhi is so flawless with her knowledge and she so lovingly and patiently shared it with us. I am so glad, that I kept aside everything to attend this class with her and other fellow bakers. Got all my doubts cleared, all the nuances so well explained, this sourdough baking is now gonna be a part of my baking routine. Thank you Sam for so much love and knowledge that you shared with us.

    thumb Nasima Singh
  • 5 star review  I took Samruddhi's Sourdough class after a friend recommended it, and I'm glad I did. She is a very patient teacher and tries to get the basic concepts of sourdough baking clear. And it doesn't end there! She is helpful and will answer all your queries whenever you ask her. Thanks for the support and encouragement, Samruddhi!

    thumb Shilpa Bhargav

    5 star review  Awesome classes! Amazing tips and tricks.. Will definitely go back to learn more!! Thanks so much Samruddhi!

    thumb Divya Venkatesh
  • 5 star review  I loved sour dough bread and wanted to learn art of making.........

    thumb Jasmina Parekh

    5 star review  I was in a search to learn the art of baking healthy breads and that's how I came across an article about Samruddhi and her workshop. After that I could not just wait at all asked for her next immediate classes and I made it up. To speak up honestly I knew nothing about SD breads, but after attending Sam workshop I could say it's really worth taking up. She teaches it with so much of patience and gives us all possible tips and tricks without holding back anything, it's hard to find to such an quality within a person who is into baking such niche product. Hats off to you Sam. After workshop help in clearing out queries and keep us going and assuring that we practice what we have learnt from you, that's a feather on to your cap. Would love to attend Ur nexy level workshops also. The kind of satisfaction that I get when I am giving something really healthy for my people around, that means a lot and lot and never money can carry it away Sam � it's all because of you. So my heartfelt thanks to you��

    thumb Priya Singaravelu
  • 5 star review  Having read and heard a lot about sourdough and seeing some amazing loafs I always wondered if I could come even close to replicating some of them. Now 2 months since I took the Sourdough class with Samruddhi I am not only confident I can bake great loafs but couple to times even managed to come close to perfection. Samruddhi is a strict but patient teacher who never gets tired to answering your questions. The concept of after class support group is fantastic, where you not only get to clarify your doubts but also learn new things from fellow bakers. Great going Samruddhi… All the Best!

    thumb Samidha Gabhane

    5 star review  The fear of baking breads and sourdough just goes off....such is the teaching of samruddhi, very happy and privileged to be taught under you. ....Thanks samruddhi

    thumb Rashmi Praveen
  • 5 star review  I went for my first ever class yesterday and it was amazing! I am a novice baker who is looking at improving her skills. Sour dough was something that always seemed too difficult and confusing. But Sam changed that completely! Her way of explaining techniques and procedures followed by her hands on approach, helped each and everyone one of us to overcome our fear of sour dough. Her excitement and love for baking was apparent and trust me it flows down to you. Not even 24 hours after the class I'm already experimenting! Have to admitted i'm addicted. Cant wait for the next class 🙂

    thumb Shreya DeMonte

    5 star review  Awesome class.

    thumb Jyothi Prasad
  • 5 star review  I had an amazing class with Samruddhi! She really knows her stuff and knows how to convert that knowledge into simple terms for you to understand. The class was paced very well so that we were not tripping over ourselves and I managed 2 beautiful loaves within a day of of the class.

    thumb Reshma D'Souza

    5 star review  I got the privilege to learn from Samruddhi, it was an awesome experience, must say she's an amazing teacher with abundance of knowledge and great patience... love it to the core

    thumb Resmi Menon
  • 5 star review  Sourdough has been a grey area for me and very intimidating to start with all by myselves.. but after attending the class, Sam gave an in-depth knowledge about it... she gave the household hacks, she helps in rectify mistakes and as a teacher she pushes her students to be innovative and helps overcome our fears.. thank you so much Sam...

    thumb Aarti Prasanna

    5 star review  One of the best mornings of my life. Thanks a lot Samruddhi for the superb, interactive class. Didn't even know how time flew. And the breads and rolls were yummy. Waiting to make them on my own.

    thumb Jaya Kaushik
  • 5 star review  Had a fun day of learning Daily Breads with Samruddhi. Everything was precise, easy to understand and also bread was great to eat too. It's a perfect class to learn the basics . Loved it. �

    thumb ReVa IyEr

    5 star review  Thank you Sam! Yesterday's class for me was stepping into a new world.. Being a great Baker is of course fabulous, but being able to share your knowledge and passion is a very special gift. I hope this is a start of a journey for me. I love baking with and for my family and friends. And I wish you and KrumbCraft a whole load of love and luck! Thank you again for yesterday. Intoxicated with excitement....xoxo Nicole

    thumb Nicole Rangel

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