• 5 star review  I have been baking breads for a long time now but sourdough was left unexplored. I had been following Samruddhi and krumbkraft and had fallen in love with her sourdough breads�. And what could have been better than learning it from the master herself. It's a dream come true... She explained the concept so precisely, step by step, didn't left a patch for mistakes to happen.... And there I had in my hands...a very first, beautiful sourdough loaf made by myself independently �� I am very happy with my myself and this is the confidence Samruddhi put in me. Samruddhi, you are The Best...��... And the best thing is that..she is always there...for us to make perfect sourdough loaves. Thanks so much Samruddhi....���

    thumb Shalini Bali Bakshi

    5 star review  When I first saw her Sour Dough Bread, i knew i HAD to attend her next workshop. And it was such an awesome workshop. Apart from being such a fun day, we learnt so much about Sour Dough Breads. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who love breads and would love to make their own. Samruddhi is a great teacher spending time with each one of us answering all our queries not only during the workshop but even afterwards. You will no doubt be able to serve perfect, warm bread to your family.

    thumb Madhuri Aggarwal
  • 5 star review  Sam is a knowledge bank. Learning from her is a blessing. Thanks for inspiring me to take a new journey of bread making. I loved every bit of everyday breads and sour dough bread workshop.

    thumb Abha Jain

    5 star review  Samruddhi is an amazing teacher..so patient with all even when the same question is asked to her repeatedly! Totally enjoyed the baking session with her & the best part is that she unlike others in the industry doesn't keep tricks up her sleeves; rather willingly shares all her knowledge for her pupils to do better !

    thumb Shubha Shankar Singh
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi has a rich experience and I appreciate her dedication towards baking. The class was very interactive.. and I took back home more than what I had come to learn..

    thumb Reema Prakash

    5 star review  Superb place...would love to learn everything from u samruddhi

    thumb Priyanka Singhal Agarwal
  • 5 star review  I stumbled upon krumbkraft at a time when I was searching for hands on experience at making sourdough bread. When I heard of the workshop, I immediately signed up for it. Though I had a fair knowledge about sourdough, the workshop enabled me to gain more confidence and Samruddhi gave us a lot of useful tips and tricks, which she had amassed with her vast experience. She cleared many of our doubts patiently and still continues to do so and keeps motivating us to perfect the art of sourdough baking. Not only did she teach us about sourdough she also gave many tips on easy and cost effective measures to replace accessories for baking. She created a community to share knowledge, use local ingredients and local flavors; Overall, I would say it was a very well rounded and wholesome experience.

    thumb Bharanidharan Ravishankar

    5 star review  Even though i had attended other bread classes and baked some. I wanted to learn about sourdough breads, and Samruddhi was the one i was looking to. Attended her workshop just last week. She is such a nice pleasant person when you meet and a patient and strict teacher. She sees that each one of us attending her class has mastered the art. Imparts with all the tips and tricks of the method. Brings to your knowledge about the different flours and also the 'bakers math' which i was not aware. Thanks Sam for the awesome class . Looking forward to attending more of your classes in the advanced stages if any. Thanks and regards.

    thumb Tina Mohan Kumar
  • 5 star review  Good place to learn about BAKING.... She is dedicated and makes you to learn the art in a splendid way. Please continue the good work !!!! All the best , Looking for future classes

    thumb Aarthi Magesh

    5 star review  Had tried my hand at baking SD breads but just could not get it to work. I heard of Samruddhi's class in Pune only after it was over so had to wait patiently till the next one came along. Sure enough it was the best learning I have done in some time. Hats of to Samruddhi she knows her stuff and is very patient with her students going through every details to make you understand the art involved in making a perfect SD bread. Since the class I have been completely hooked on to SD breads and have not looked back. Its been a couple of months and Samruddhi's support and constant encouragement is really opening up various possibilities of making some fine bread.

    thumb Pradyumna Gogte
  • 5 star review  One of the best and insightful learning sessions on Artisan Bread. The knowledge Samruddhi shares is beyond expectations with the confidence she passes to each of us during the session, making us confident to work on our own with our own mistakes and learnings by the end of the workshop. Great job Samruddhi and may all your plans to grow with the group come true! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    thumb Tejjal S Deesai

    5 star review  Having read and heard a lot about sourdough and seeing some amazing loafs I always wondered if I could come even close to replicating some of them. Now 2 months since I took the Sourdough class with Samruddhi I am not only confident I can bake great loafs but couple to times even managed to come close to perfection. Samruddhi is a strict but patient teacher who never gets tired to answering your questions. The concept of after class support group is fantastic, where you not only get to clarify your doubts but also learn new things from fellow bakers. Great going Samruddhi… All the Best!

    thumb Samidha Gabhane
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi is fantastic teacher and a powerhouse of knowledge! Anybody who wants to step into this intimidating world of Sourdough should take a session with her!

    thumb Arati Mirji

    5 star review  I came across Krumbcraft accidentally and was amazed at the breads she was baking and teaching. Signed up with her for a class and now I am in awe of her knowledge and am very happy that I got to learn from a teacher like her who is ever ready to hand hold and teach her students and at the same time give the students the confidence to bake with sourdough on their own. Thank you samruddhi, without you I would not have understood what sourdough baking was.Looking forward to learn more from you

    thumb Veena Krishna Kumar
  • 5 star review  Got an opportunity to learn the basics of bread making from the 'Queen of breads' Samruddhi herself. It was a great learning experience. Made the bread making seem so easy and fun with her clear instructions. Samruddhi was so eager and open in sharing her tips and tricks also. Can't wait to make a loaf of bread on my own.

    thumb Shenaz Gangardiwala

    5 star review  Review from my daughter Varsha who attended a class: I enjoyed the “Everyday Breads” class very much and came away inspired. Sam enthusiastically took us through all the details and also answered my countless questions with patience. I especially appreciated her efforts to accommodate the needs of my vegan family - she gave me tips to convert all the recipes into vegan ones. I hope to one day attend the sourdough class as well. Thank you Samruddhi for a great learning experience!

    thumb Nirmala Rao
  • 5 star review  So much learning and fun packed into 8 hours! I finally feel confident I will be able to make/bake sourdough bread! Throw all those bread making books away, this class is the Real Deal!

    thumb Sujata Shukla

    5 star review  A sea of knowledge is this lady don't miss the opportunity to learn from her guys

    thumb Meenaz Kbk
  • 5 star review  Had a lovely day with Samruddhi and other fellow bread enthusiasts in the Sourdough bread baking class. Samruddhi is a very passionate and patient teacher and her knowledge on Sourdough is amazing. She also provides afterclass support to ensure you have started your sourdough journey comfortably.Worth every penny and minute of your time. ��

    thumb Pritam Hemnani

    5 star review  I took Samruddhi's Sourdough class after a friend recommended it, and I'm glad I did. She is a very patient teacher and tries to get the basic concepts of sourdough baking clear. And it doesn't end there! She is helpful and will answer all your queries whenever you ask her. Thanks for the support and encouragement, Samruddhi!

    thumb Shilpa Bhargav

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