We are obsessed about the quality of our bakes. Take a look at our google reviews and you will know that we simply don’t compromise in on quality. We bake fresh every day to hundreds of very satisfied customers, gated communities and restaurants 

We have an unwavering attention to detail on all aspects of the product- Be it the quality of the ingredients we use, the taste our products have, the eco-friendly food safe packaging, the hygienic delivery system.

The unbleached flours we use are processed using plant based enzymes (not chemicals). We use organically produced ingredients where possible. All our bakes have NO added preservatives, chemicals, improvers and the likes..that are typically a part of all industry mass produced breads available in the market today.

Our breads take more than 24 hours to naturally ferment using natural wild yeast thats hunderds of years old, and due to the long fermentation, the bread develops a complex flavor and texture that is unmatched in industry made breads. (psst.. unlike the market breads, our bread doesn’t fall apart when you spread butter on it 😉) Moreover, the simple sugars  in the breads are digested during the fermentation. Therefore its Low GI food and doesn’t give you that sugar “rush” nor does it make you feel bloated when its consumed.  

All in all, you’ll love our passionately baked goodies !!

To maintain freshness and the best quality possible, we bake only against orders. We need a lead time of 24 hours to prepare the dough and let the breads ferment naturally.  

So typically, for bakes to be ready tomorrow post 3 pm, you need to order by today 12 noon

All you need to do is, Send us a Whatsapp message with the bakes, flavor(s) of your choice and your location

Whatsapp number – > 7829915151

Please note : We do NOT have a retail counter where breads are readily available.

Please note : Due to the ongoing situation with the Virus, we are baking only between Wed – Sat every week.

When you receive the bread, you can store it unsliced in an air tight container (bread box, cling wrap, Zip loc bag etc)

Slice only and when necessary, and only as many as necessary

There are no added chemicals or preservatives in the breads. When well wrapped, the shelf life of the bread is about 2 days on the counter and 5-7 days in the fridge.

1. Do we slice the breads before delivery ?
A – No. There are many reasons. The breads we send are so fresh that sometimes they are still warm when we it goes out. The sourdough bread should have fully cooled before it can be sliced. Since we don’t  add any additives, if we pre-slice before delivery, the bread looses freshness. Ideally, the bread must be sliced just before consumption.. so its the freshest 🙂. Also, the bread trends to get damaged during travel if pre-sliced.

2. Is it Gluten free. ?
A. No. The gluten is digested partially during the fermentation. So its low gluten bread. Having said that, many of our customers with varying levels of gluten intolerance have had our breads and are perfectly happy with it.

3. Do we make Gluten Free breads ?
A. No. We are working on Keto Breads though and hope to have them in our product list soon.

Turmeric with Roasted Pumpkin & Flax Seeds (Rs. 290)

We designed this bread to bring together some well known immunity boosters - Turmeric (with Curcumin), Flax seeds (with Omega3 & Omega6 fatty acids) and Pumpkin seeds(with loads of Zinc). Tastewise the bread has a hint of Turmeric flavour, while the roasted pumpkin seeds give it a good chunky flavorful bite.

100% Sourdough

Vollkorn (Rs. 290)

Our version of the dense German Vollkorn Bread is made with 100% whole wheat(no maida), and a generous helping of pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds. From cold cuts to your favorite preserves, a slice of this wonderful bread pairs with all kinds of sweet and savory as per your taste.

100% Sourdough


The Sourdough Classic. 
Made with just flour, water and salt (with a generous mix of love, of course) our country bread is the perfect combination of crusty, soft and chewy, all in one bite.

100% Sourdough

100% Whole Wheat (Rs.285)

An aromatic and earthy flavored one, made with a balanced blend of Premium Unadulterated Whole Wheat Flour (TWF X Flour), and Organic Emmer(Javey) Flour sourced directly from farmers

100% Sourdough

Pepper & Parmesan (Rs. 290)

Craving pasta for dinner? We've got you covered with this versatile loaf. Loaded with aged Parmesan from Caroselle Cheese, the flavor is just unbelievable.

100% Sourdough | Contains Dairy

Sundried Tomato & Jalapenos (Rs.290)

A tangy and spicy bread to accompany your favorite soup – you can't go wrong with this one!

100% Sourdough

Cranberry & Walnut (Rs. 290)

A fruity twist to our regular, plain loaf, this nutty bread offers a sweet and refreshing taste to the palate

100% Sourdough | Contains Nuts

Olive & Rosemary (Rs.275)

Packed with flavor, this Italian bread complements any meal as an appetizer or a snack.

100% Sourdough

Seedfest (Rs. 275)

The wholesome sibling of our beloved country loaf, this bread is loaded with nigella seeds, sesame, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds

100% Sourdough

Ragi (Millet) Porridge (Rs.275)

Packed with the nutrition and the fibre contained in Ragi, every grainy bite tells a different story

100% Sourdough

Orange & Chocolate (Rs. 290)

Another sweet flavored one, this is a cant-miss for those who crave chocolate

100% Sourdough | Contains Dairy

Cant find the flour & flavor combination you are looking for ? Write to us !


Roasted Almond Biscotti (Rs.275)

What better way to have your evening cuppa than with our fresh baked and crunchy Biscotti

100% Sourdough | Contains Eggs, Dairy, Nuts & added Sugar

Sourdough Crackers(Rs. 200)

Need something to munch on without the guilt ? Try these baked crackers - We bet you'll come back for more !! . We have many flavors. But flavors of the week are Whole Wheat & Mixed Herbs, Flax and Oats

100% Sourdough

Well, That’s not all !! We also (used to) make Baguettes, Bagels, Brioche Buns, Pappa Roti, Apple Strudel, Stollen… well you get the idea. Our menu is always a work in progress. These are COVID19 times, we work with reduced staff, and we’ve had to limit our menu temporarily. BUT, We’re working very hard to have all these goodies (and more) back on our menu shortly though !!

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