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Looking for Authentic 100% Sourdough, Chemical free, Artisan Breads ?. Well, you’ve come to the right place

We bake regularly and supply to hundreds of very satisfied customers across Bengaluru

We bake fresh and we bake only against orders. We need a lead time of 24 hours to prepare the dough and let the breads ferment naturally. We use no improvers, preservatives or any other such additives.

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Please note : We do NOT have a retail counter where breads are readily available.

100% Authentic Sourdough Breads

Our Signature range of 100% Sourdough breads, the crust is crusty when warm and chewy when cold, but always soft and tender on the inside. Bursting with flavor, it brings along with it a myriad of health benefits and long shelf life. Below are some of the appealing flavors that readily come to mind and regularly bake, but the range of flavors possible is limited only by imagination.

Since the crumb holds its structure when moist, and combined with the flavor, these breads are a really good choice for tartines (open sandwiches) or sandwiches.

* Country (plain) – Made with just flour, water, and salt (with a generous mix of love, of course) our country bread is the perfect combination of crusty, soft and chewy, all in one bite.

* Olives & Rosemary –  Packed with flavor, this Italian bread complements any meal as an appetizer or a snack.

* Sundried Tomatoes & Jalapenos –  A tangy and spicy bread to accompany your favorite soup – you can’t go wrong with this one!

* Seedfest (Nigella, Sesame, Flax, Melon, Sunflower)  –  The wholesome sibling of our beloved country loaf, this bread is loaded with nigella seeds, sesame, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

* Cranberry and Walnut –  A fruity twist to our regular, plain loaf, this nutty bread offers a sweet and refreshing taste to the palate.

* Orange and Chocolate – Zesty orange with chunks of dark chocolate – a match made in heaven. Best paired with jam or marmalade for breakfast.

* Crushed Pepper and Parmesan Chunks –  Craving pasta for dinner? We’ve got you covered with this versatile loaf.

* Vollkorn Whole Wheat –  Our version of the German Vollkorn Bread is made with 100% whole wheat(no maida), and a generous helping of pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds. From cold cuts to your favorite preserves, a slice of this wonderful bread pairs with all kinds of sweet and savory as per your taste.

* 10 Grains & Seeds blend (10gsb) Sandwich Loaf –  Made with goodness of Oats, Brown Rice, Corn, 2 types of millets, 5 types of Seeds, this bread has all the nutrients that an ideal breakfast should provide.

* Flax and Cracked Wheat Medley – Packed with nutrition and wholesome goodness, this soft loaf is all you need for that delicious sandwich.

– We bake only against orders and we need 24 hours to prepare the dough and bake fresh.

– We dont use preservatives, enhancers, improvers or any other chemicals

About Me

Hi there, I’m Samruddhi Nayak and the founder of Krumb Kraft.

I’ve been in the field of food related education, since the last 10 years.

I started my first venture “Whisk and Whip” as a trainer in chocolate making, and continued as a designer cake trainer, conducting over 40 hands-on workshops and training over 200 students.

Over time, I’ve shifted focus exclusively towards breads and European Baking.

I’ve completed my Diploma in European Baking from “Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V. Germany” in 2016 and subsequently apprenticed in a renowned German Bakery for a period of 3 months.

Smitten by the bread baking bug, and engulfed with the vision of bringing the art of Sourdough baking from Europe to India, I’ve started “Krumb Kraft”, a unique venture in training and consulting in the area of European baking and Sourdough breads, all using locally available ingredients.

Since then, this venture has been a tremendous success. I’ve conducted hands-on workshops across India to a variety of audience that includes Bread Enthusiasts, Chefs and College Students.

I also specialize in providing European baking consultation to restaurants and training institutes.

In line with the vision of KrumbKraft, I’ve started a vibrant Facebook community around bread baking – “Indian Artisan Bread Bakers”, with more than 2000 participating members as on today and counting.



  • 5 star review  I did the sourdough class at KrumbKraft and must say it was a complete professional learning experience of all sorts and has me confident in working through sourdough breads... And what a teacher we have in Samruddhi!!! Patient, relentlessly willing to explain every doubt we have and picking our brains once in a while so that we stay sharp� The after course support from her is priceless! Yes, I would definitely recommend KrumbKraft to anyone who wants to learn the art of baking the right way...

    thumb Surya Raghunathan

    5 star review  I always wanted to learn Sourdough Breads and when Samruddhi the master baker planned a workshop in Delhi I just couldn't stop myself. All I can say it's the best learning experience ever. She is impeccable and understands Sourdough Breads inside out. Its not just her knowledge which makes her great but the little hacks she shares with you which makes the sourdough bread making experience ecstatic. The after class support system is something which makes you want to do more. I owe this to you Sam. You are the best! Thankyou Guruji <3

    thumb Anshu Wadhwa Pande
  • 5 star review  Sams sourdough class was one of the finest I have attended.A class packed with an indepth knowledge on breads, but at the same time simplified so that even an amateur can grasp it.Her love and passion for breads is pretty evident and it trickles down to every student.An important attribute to any teacher is her patience and her willingness to give it her all...sam is definitely one such teacher.���Wishing you all the very best sam for all your future endeavours and thanks a ton for a funfilled class�

    thumb Shwetha Shetty

    5 star review  I had read a lot about sourdough breads and decided to learn the process. But I was not at all prepared for what I experienced in Samruddhi's class. She is an amazing teacher and a very lovely and positive human being. Normally, when you attend a cooking class, you come back home with your file of printed recipes and goodies in your box and then you are on your own. Not here. Samruddhi is so involved and there for all her students. I wish her more success and best of luck in her future endeavors. This is one class, I will never forget in my life. Thanks Samruddhi for everything. God bless you.

    thumb Nirmala Bachani
  • 5 star review  I came across Krumbcraft accidentally and was amazed at the breads she was baking and teaching. Signed up with her for a class and now I am in awe of her knowledge and am very happy that I got to learn from a teacher like her who is ever ready to hand hold and teach her students and at the same time give the students the confidence to bake with sourdough on their own. Thank you samruddhi, without you I would not have understood what sourdough baking was.Looking forward to learn more from you

    thumb Veena Krishna Kumar

    5 star review  I never knew learning from krumkraft will give me so much addiction towards sourdough.......sam tought us so much so easily n with so much patience that everything seemed like a piece of cake...baking was my passion always but sourdough baking added a lot of dimension to my love for oven ...class was so much fun so much talking countless queries n questions...n again learnt everything like a child's play...what craziness it was thanks thanks thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us sam�

    thumb Hina Malikkapoor
  • 5 star review  Sourdough has been a grey area for me and very intimidating to start with all by myselves.. but after attending the class, Sam gave an in-depth knowledge about it... she gave the household hacks, she helps in rectify mistakes and as a teacher she pushes her students to be innovative and helps overcome our fears.. thank you so much Sam...

    thumb Aarti Prasanna

    5 star review  A sea of knowledge is this lady don't miss the opportunity to learn from her guys

    thumb Meenaz Kbk
  • 5 star review  Sam is a knowledge bank. Learning from her is a blessing. Thanks for inspiring me to take a new journey of bread making. I loved every bit of everyday breads and sour dough bread workshop.

    thumb Abha Jain

    5 star review  Good place to learn about BAKING.... She is dedicated and makes you to learn the art in a splendid way. Please continue the good work !!!! All the best , Looking for future classes

    thumb Aarthi Magesh
  • 5 star review  Attended Sam's sour dough bread class and since then not bought bread from store.. mainly because don't think can digest that after tasting... learning and making such delicious bread at home. My family loved it.. my father got so nostalgic having the bread as it reminded him of the taste he used to have almost 60 years back when he was growing up.. kudos to you Sam for bringing health and taste both combined beautifully together back into our lives... Thanks a lot for all your patience during the class.. making me specially practice again and again till I got it right.. answering all our questions and ofcourse for all the learning. It was a fun class.. wish you more success.

    thumb Ujjwala Patel

    5 star review  Even though i had attended other bread classes and baked some. I wanted to learn about sourdough breads, and Samruddhi was the one i was looking to. Attended her workshop just last week. She is such a nice pleasant person when you meet and a patient and strict teacher. She sees that each one of us attending her class has mastered the art. Imparts with all the tips and tricks of the method. Brings to your knowledge about the different flours and also the 'bakers math' which i was not aware. Thanks Sam for the awesome class . Looking forward to attending more of your classes in the advanced stages if any. Thanks and regards.

    thumb Tina Mohan Kumar
  • 5 star review  I have attended Everyday breads classes with Samruddhi. Learnt all techniques. Its a well organized class and she gave many tips. Very happy that we stopped buying breads outside. It really boosted my confidence in trying many wholewheat and multigrain recipes. Thanks Sam. Looking forward to learn Sourdough class from you.

    thumb Sarulatha Chidambaram C

    5 star review  Sam you are an amazing teacher. You taught not only how to bake sourdough bread, crackers but also the theory behind bread baking which was very important. Thank you Sam for so much love and knowledge that you shared with us and also clearing our silliest doubts. Would love to attend more classes in near future.

    thumb Sakshi Pandita
  • 5 star review  Superb place...would love to learn everything from u samruddhi

    thumb Priyanka Singhal Agarwal

    5 star review  I took Samruddhi's Sourdough class after a friend recommended it, and I'm glad I did. She is a very patient teacher and tries to get the basic concepts of sourdough baking clear. And it doesn't end there! She is helpful and will answer all your queries whenever you ask her. Thanks for the support and encouragement, Samruddhi!

    thumb Shilpa Bhargav
  • 5 star review  The absolute best place to go if you want to learn the art of baking bread. I went in as a complete novice who had a very basic idea of how to handle bread doughs and I've come out so much more confident and knowledgeable. I attended both the Breads around the world and Sourdough workshops----Samruddhi, you're the nicest and most patient teacher and you made everything feel so easy!

    thumb Urvashi Shivnani

    5 star review  Before you begin to teach someone, you must be in love with your craft and know the science and math and logic behind it. Happy to have attended a #krumbkraft module by Samruddhi , and return with a perfect loaf and a San Francisco starter... and the priceless skill that she helped me acquire... so now SourDough breads will be part of my repretoire too. ��� And had an amazing day with fellow bread enthusiasts. My only crib...the long drive ,from rural south bombay to the ultra hip suburbs in Malad�����

    thumb Shalini Digvijay
  • 5 star review  Amazing place to head to fall in love with cooking !! Samruddhi has soooooo much of experience and passion for cooking that she will make you get things right :). All the learning sessions are very well planned. Overall a lovely place and i am glad i found this 🙂 !!!

    thumb Parinitha Kashyap

    5 star review  Finally got to a sourdough class, and one that has me completely addicted. Hands on, fun, satisfying, great learning experience... and of course dangerously addictive! Post Sam's class, life has never been the same. I hop between boules and crackers, dreaming of how the next bread will be. Thank you so much Sam. ���

    thumb Deeba Rajpal

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