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We use no improvers, preservatives or any other such additives.

Here’s our current menu 👇

100% Sourdough Breads
Our Signature range of 100% Sourdough breads, the crust is crusty when warm and chewy when cold, but always soft and tender on the inside. Bursting with flavor, it brings along with it a myriad of health benefits and long shelf life. Below are some of the appealing flavors that readily come to mind and regularly bake, but the range of flavors possible is limited only by imagination.

Since the crumb holds its structure when moist, and combined with the flavor, these breads are a really good choice for tartines (open sandwiches) or sandwiches.
Plain Country
Rs. 250

Made with just flour, water and salt (with a generous mix of love, of course) our country bread is the perfect combination of crusty, soft and chewy, all in one bite.
Flavored Sourdough
Sourdough flavored with various natural ingredients to suit your taste and palate

* Olives and Rosemary - Rs.275
* Sundried Tomatoes & Jalapenos - Rs 290
* Seedfest (Nigella, Sesame, Flax, Melon, Sunflower) - Rs. 275
* Orange and Chocolate - Rs. 290
* Cranberry and Walnut - Rs. 290
* Crushed Pepper and Parmesan Chunks - Rs. 290

* Pepper and Parmesan, Orange and Chocolate breads have milk products in it
100% Whole Wheat - Rs 275
An aromatic and earthy flavored one, made with a balanced blend of Premium Unadulterated Whole Wheat Flour (TWF X Flour), and Organic Emmer(Javey) Flour sourced directly from farmers
Vollkorn Whole Wheat - Rs 290
Our version of the German Vollkorn Bread is made with 100% whole wheat(no maida), and a generous helping of pumpkin, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds. From cold cuts to your favorite preserves, a slice of this wonderful bread pairs with all kinds of sweet and savory as per your taste.
10 grains & seeds blend (10gsb) sandwich loaf - Rs 275
Made with goodness of Oats, Brown Rice, Corn, 2 types of millets, 5 types of Seeds, this bread has all the nutrients that an ideal breakfast should provide.
Semolina and Sesame sandwich loaf (sss loaf) - Rs.275
A crunchy and tasty sandwich loaf - with a soft crust and even softer crumb - made with 50% semolina flour, enriched with olive oil, flavored & topped with black and white sesame seeds.
What better way to have your evening cuppa than with our fresh baked and crunchy Biscotti available in 2 flavors
Roasted Almond Biscotti Rs 275 (200 gms)
Pistachio and Kashmiri Saffron Rs. 300 (200 gms)

* Contains diary and eggs
Rs. 200(200gms)

Bite into one and you just cant stop yourself from picking up another one.

Available in 3 flavors
* Whole Wheat and Mixed Herbs
* Jowar and Sesame
* Flax Seeds and Oats


  • 5 star review  I came across Krumbcraft accidentally and was amazed at the breads she was baking and teaching. Signed up with her for a class and now I am in awe of her knowledge and am very happy that I got to learn from a teacher like her who is ever ready to hand hold and teach her students and at the same time give the students the confidence to bake with sourdough on their own. Thank you samruddhi, without you I would not have understood what sourdough baking was.Looking forward to learn more from you

    Veena Krishna Kumar Avatar Veena Krishna Kumar

    5 star review  Before you begin to teach someone, you must be in love with your craft and know the science and math and logic behind it. Happy to have attended a #krumbkraft module by Samruddhi , and return with a perfect loaf and a San Francisco starter... and the priceless skill that she helped me acquire... so now SourDough breads will be part of my repretoire too. ��� And had an amazing day with fellow bread enthusiasts. My only crib...the long drive ,from rural south bombay to the ultra hip suburbs in Malad�����

    Shalini Digvijay Avatar Shalini Digvijay
  • 5 star review  A real fun sunday learning session with whisk and whip making Lebanese... The class was more of doing work than sitting and watching... Samridhhi here makes it so much fun by making us do stuff and all those never ending tips and tweaks. Would surely enjoy attending more of her classes!!

    Palak Gagrani Avatar Palak Gagrani

    5 star review  Got to know about Krumbkraft thru a friend and attended their workshop on basic Sourdough bread baking, must say this workshop has taken my love for baking to all new level. Thanks to Samruddhi who is a such an awesome trainer. Would recommend her workshops to all the baking enthusiastic.

    Manasa Bharadwaj V Avatar Manasa Bharadwaj V
  • 5 star review  Awesome class today... thank you so much Samruddhi.. ''twas a pleasure attending your class today... your knowledge, explanations, attention to details, patience is totally appreciated. Best of all was tasting the amazing breads. ��

    Vanessa Banduni Avatar Vanessa Banduni

    5 star review  I had an amazing experience laerning sour dough from you Samruddhi. My perspective of making and consuming breads positively changed from regular breads.thank you Sam for your patience and looking forward to learn more and bake more�love you.

    Seema Mehta Avatar Seema Mehta
  • 5 star review  Baking using sourdough seemed very complicated to me. Making us understand that , it's just another type of yeast ,Sam made it too simple for us. Extremely talented ,cool headed ,very down to earth person, Sam is always reachable, even after the completion of the course. All the foreign terms which was going above my head made me quite nervous to start. May be that's the case in many of the bakers. So she starts with explaining that it's not that complicated as everybody thinks. No question is simple or hilarious to her. She takes every question or doubt very seriously and replies. And that may be many times as well. At the end of the class she is still as fresh as she started when we were all nearly dead ��. Our batch was very coperative and loving and it seemed like we were a family. Loved every moment of the day and we have all started baking sourdough now.

    Veena Aravind Avatar Veena Aravind

    5 star review  Sam is the go to person for learning all about breads. I attended her basic sourdough class and was overwhelmed by her knowledge. She is very supportive and answers all your queries in the class and after class. Very happy that I can make my own breads for my family. Thanks a lot Sam��

    Rashmi Satish Avatar Rashmi Satish
  • 5 star review  When you think in right way, you live life beautifully & this beauty reflects in your work.... You are an admiration to many...and I am one of them !! Keep up the good work

    Prachi Malandkar-Karekar Avatar Prachi Malandkar-Karekar

    5 star review  I had always wanted to learn sourdough baking and I got an opportunity to learn it from Samruddhi, who is undoubtedly the best ! Though I still have a long way to go, I know Sam is there to guide me whenever I need help. Thank you Sam !

    Meera Gopinath Avatar Meera Gopinath
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi has a rich experience and I appreciate her dedication towards baking. The class was very interactive.. and I took back home more than what I had come to learn..

    Reema Prakash Avatar Reema Prakash

    5 star review  I did the sourdough class at KrumbKraft and must say it was a complete professional learning experience of all sorts and has me confident in working through sourdough breads... And what a teacher we have in Samruddhi!!! Patient, relentlessly willing to explain every doubt we have and picking our brains once in a while so that we stay sharp� The after course support from her is priceless! Yes, I would definitely recommend KrumbKraft to anyone who wants to learn the art of baking the right way...

    Surya Raghunathan Avatar Surya Raghunathan
  • 5 star review  I had an amazing class with Samruddhi! She really knows her stuff and knows how to convert that knowledge into simple terms for you to understand. The class was paced very well so that we were not tripping over ourselves and I managed 2 beautiful loaves within a day of of the class.

    Reshma D'Souza Avatar Reshma D'Souza

    5 star review  I was in a search to learn the art of baking healthy breads and that's how I came across an article about Samruddhi and her workshop. After that I could not just wait at all asked for her next immediate classes and I made it up. To speak up honestly I knew nothing about SD breads, but after attending Sam workshop I could say it's really worth taking up. She teaches it with so much of patience and gives us all possible tips and tricks without holding back anything, it's hard to find to such an quality within a person who is into baking such niche product. Hats off to you Sam. After workshop help in clearing out queries and keep us going and assuring that we practice what we have learnt from you, that's a feather on to your cap. Would love to attend Ur nexy level workshops also. The kind of satisfaction that I get when I am giving something really healthy for my people around, that means a lot and lot and never money can carry it away Sam � it's all because of you. So my heartfelt thanks to you��

    Priya Singaravelu Avatar Priya Singaravelu
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi was amazing -- organised, friendly, patient and a wonderful teacher. I took a basic bread baking class and it was fantastic. I just love doing breads at home now. They say, Yeah Dil Mange More! So I went back to her for a cake decorating class and learnt many different techniques right from baking a cake, to slicing, to crumb coating to making figurines. Just finished with my class today, learnt a lot and can't wait to recreate. A Big Big Thank you Guruji, very happy to have met you.

    Sree Nair Avatar Sree Nair

    5 star review  I stumbled upon krumbkraft at a time when I was searching for hands on experience at making sourdough bread. When I heard of the workshop, I immediately signed up for it. Though I had a fair knowledge about sourdough, the workshop enabled me to gain more confidence and Samruddhi gave us a lot of useful tips and tricks, which she had amassed with her vast experience. She cleared many of our doubts patiently and still continues to do so and keeps motivating us to perfect the art of sourdough baking. Not only did she teach us about sourdough she also gave many tips on easy and cost effective measures to replace accessories for baking. She created a community to share knowledge, use local ingredients and local flavors; Overall, I would say it was a very well rounded and wholesome experience.

    Bharanidharan Ravishankar Avatar Bharanidharan Ravishankar
  • 5 star review  Awesome classes! Amazing tips and tricks.. Will definitely go back to learn more!! Thanks so much Samruddhi!

    Divya Venkatesh Avatar Divya Venkatesh

    5 star review  It was an awesome experience and a great learning from an experienced teacher. Making a sourdough was like a nightmare for me and now i feel so excited .Already made 2 boule and my own starter. It was all possible only because of you Samrudhi. Thanks to you.

    Vandana Mary Avatar Vandana Mary
  • 5 star review  Amazing place to head to fall in love with cooking !! Samruddhi has soooooo much of experience and passion for cooking that she will make you get things right :). All the learning sessions are very well planned. Overall a lovely place and i am glad i found this 🙂 !!!

    Parinitha Kashyap Avatar Parinitha Kashyap

    5 star review  Samruddhi flew down to Mumbai to hold our sourdough class... What a generous and patient teacher. She answered so many questions, shared recipes, tested our understanding of her teaching along the way... The class left me confident that I can explore the world of sourdough. And that I have a support whom I can turn to if I get stuck ... Thank you Samruddhi!!

    Shilpa Bharatan Avatar Shilpa Bharatan

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