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Hi there, I’m Samruddhi Nayak and the founder of Krumb Kraft.

I’ve been in the field of food related education, since the last 10 years.

I started my first venture “Whisk and Whip” as a trainer in chocolate making, and continued as a designer cake trainer, conducting over 40 hands-on workshops and training over 200 students.

Over time, I’ve shifted focus exclusively towards breads and European Baking.

I’ve completed my Diploma in European Baking from “Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V. Germany” in 2016 and subsequently apprenticed in a renowned German Bakery for a period of 3 months.

Smitten by the bread baking bug, and engulfed with the vision of bringing the art of Sourdough baking from Europe to India, I’ve started “Krumb Kraft”, a unique venture in training and consulting in the area of European baking and Sourdough breads, all using locally available ingredients.

Since then, this venture has been a tremendous success. I’ve conducted hands-on workshops across India to a variety of audience that includes Bread Enthusiasts, Chefs and College Students.

I also specialize in providing European baking consultation to restaurants and training institutes.

In line with the vision of KrumbKraft, I’ve started a vibrant Facebook community around bread baking – “Indian Artisan Bread Bakers”, with more than 2000 participating members as on today and counting.



  • 5 star review  Highly recommended 🙂 Samruddhi is too good at teaching

    thumb Anita Singh

    5 star review  Sam is the perfect teacher: patient, eloquent and extremely knowledgeable about her subject. Her passion is infectious. She is ever ready to help with our endless doubts. But more than that, she has taken the initiative and literally started the sourdough revolution in India!! Personally I'm not a bread person, but sourdough has changed me! Sourdough has now become a part of our life. My family loves it, and all the more because of its health factor. Thanks so much for bringing sourdough into our lives, Sam!! �

    thumb Lubna Gafoor
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi is an amazing teacher..so patient with all even when the same question is asked to her repeatedly! Totally enjoyed the baking session with her & the best part is that she unlike others in the industry doesn't keep tricks up her sleeves; rather willingly shares all her knowledge for her pupils to do better !

    thumb Shubha Shankar Singh

    5 star review  Sam is a knowledge bank. Learning from her is a blessing. Thanks for inspiring me to take a new journey of bread making. I loved every bit of everyday breads and sour dough bread workshop.

    thumb Abha Jain
  • 5 star review  I always wanted to learn Sourdough Breads and when Samruddhi the master baker planned a workshop in Delhi I just couldn't stop myself. All I can say it's the best learning experience ever. She is impeccable and understands Sourdough Breads inside out. Its not just her knowledge which makes her great but the little hacks she shares with you which makes the sourdough bread making experience ecstatic. The after class support system is something which makes you want to do more. I owe this to you Sam. You are the best! Thankyou Guruji <3

    thumb Anshu Wadhwa Pande

    5 star review  I loved sour dough bread and wanted to learn art of making.........

    thumb Jasmina Parekh
  • 5 star review  Awesome class!! Would love to go back for more classes...

    thumb Shruthi Hl

    5 star review  I got the privilege to learn from Samruddhi, it was an awesome experience, must say she's an amazing teacher with abundance of knowledge and great patience... love it to the core

    thumb Resmi Menon
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi is an excellent patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher. Sourdough was always a passion but it seemed soo difficult and complicated. Samruddhi patiently takes you through the whole process and leaves you confident to handle it on your own. Also a very fun and happy experience. Besides she continues her support by adding you to a group of sourdough bakers soo that your queries and doubts can be handled after the class too. Great ongoing support. If it's Sourdough you are looking for you will be more than happy with her classes. All the best Samruddhi! !

    thumb Chandini Sethi-Shah

    5 star review  SD:i have always eluded it.made me nervous and scared.thanks to Sam I have learnt the ropes understood the concept.she has kept immense patience n faith in me.been holding my hand n guiding through all the endless queries.thank u once again Sam.

    thumb Shradha Saraf
  • 5 star review  Super duper.. a class apart. Awesomeness redefined

    thumb Payal Saraf

    5 star review  Good place to learn about BAKING.... She is dedicated and makes you to learn the art in a splendid way. Please continue the good work !!!! All the best , Looking for future classes

    thumb Aarthi Magesh
  • 5 star review  I struck gold when I came to Samruddhi to learn sourdough..A wish that I had been wanting to fulfil for a long time. She teaches you completely. .not holding back any tip or trick..making it easy..and generously sharing her knowledge. I not just learnt to bake a perfect sourdough loaf but also a reassurance that she was there to help troubleshoot whenever needed...which applies to everyone who learns from her. I not just got a great teacher but a lovely friend forever in Samruddhi.

    thumb Shikha Sachdeva

    5 star review  I had an amazing class with Samruddhi! She really knows her stuff and knows how to convert that knowledge into simple terms for you to understand. The class was paced very well so that we were not tripping over ourselves and I managed 2 beautiful loaves within a day of of the class.

    thumb Reshma D'Souza
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi was amazing -- organised, friendly, patient and a wonderful teacher. I took a basic bread baking class and it was fantastic. I just love doing breads at home now. They say, Yeah Dil Mange More! So I went back to her for a cake decorating class and learnt many different techniques right from baking a cake, to slicing, to crumb coating to making figurines. Just finished with my class today, learnt a lot and can't wait to recreate. A Big Big Thank you Guruji, very happy to have met you.

    thumb Sree Nair

    5 star review  Samruddhi is fantastic teacher and a powerhouse of knowledge! Anybody who wants to step into this intimidating world of Sourdough should take a session with her!

    thumb Arati Mirji
  • 5 star review  Samruddhi has a rich experience and I appreciate her dedication towards baking. The class was very interactive.. and I took back home more than what I had come to learn..

    thumb Reema Prakash

    5 star review  Attended Sam's sour dough bread class and since then not bought bread from store.. mainly because don't think can digest that after tasting... learning and making such delicious bread at home. My family loved it.. my father got so nostalgic having the bread as it reminded him of the taste he used to have almost 60 years back when he was growing up.. kudos to you Sam for bringing health and taste both combined beautifully together back into our lives... Thanks a lot for all your patience during the class.. making me specially practice again and again till I got it right.. answering all our questions and ofcourse for all the learning. It was a fun class.. wish you more success.

    thumb Ujjwala Patel
  • 5 star review  I attended a 2 day session with Samrudhi. Since I am an amateur baker I nowhere felt I wasn't able to manage, she put in all her efforts to make me and all others in the group understand the practical and theory of sourdough. A very encouraging teacher who knows her job right, not job, but passion right. Even post the workshop, she's there to answer all the queries and help whenever I get stuck. Thanks Sam. Looking forward to some more workshops with you.

    thumb Neharika Sethi

    5 star review  The fear of baking breads and sourdough just goes off....such is the teaching of samruddhi, very happy and privileged to be taught under you. ....Thanks samruddhi

    thumb Rashmi Praveen

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